It was not heard that the women gave up the horse’s tail. The horse tail, which we saw many examples around, has gone through a lot of changes from the past to the present day but has kept its popularity to this day. Especially because of its convenient usage, it is a hair model preferred by women of all ages. You will not have to spend most of your time dealing with your hair, thanks to the horse-tail hair model, which is a fairly feminine model.

A classic horse tail, sharp lines and fairly regular, looks tight and simple. There are many models that can be made with horse tails for women who are squeezed from classical models.

I will tell you today what you can do with horse-tail hair models and horse tail.

Horse tail hairstyle

One of the most preferred models of this year is the horse tail model. It is possible to look very stylish and simple with this hairstyle you will do without losing your time. Moreover, there are many varieties besides the classic horse tail.

You can even use horse tail hair styles in everyday life, at friends’ meetings, at romantic dinners, even at weddings. Especially when you go to the spore this model will be your savior. Besides being a very useful model, it is also very important for you to keep your hair at the right time.

This model, which we often encounter in magazine programs, red carpet and series, movies, is a popular model used by everyone. With a variety of tips and tips, it’s up to you to add a different aura to your horse-tail hair model!

Side horse tail model

Using the same model all the time in your hair can bite you after a while. If you are always using the same classic horse tail model and are bored now, this model is for you. Moreover, in terms of construction there is no difference from the classic horse tail.

As a first step to creating this model, you need to separate your hair from the side. Later, if you attach your hair on the side with a rubber buckle lightly and tightly, you will end up with your horse tail pattern.

It’s so effortless and easy to get out of your classroom!

Knitting horse tail model

There is no one who knows the innocent air and the romantic image of being laid. This model, combined with the femininity of a horse tail, is a magnificent image.

As you can use both models separately, you can also gain the sophisticated air from the combination of the two. How do we do this? Very simple. With a few sentences, I will try to tell you the pattern of the weave horse tail.

You create the classic horse tail model as you always do. If you want to knit after you finish the classic horse tail with this weave. Whether you want to try a fish-back or bony pattern, try a classic weave pattern, or you can complete a mesh pattern with your horse-tail model.

Heavy horse tail model

This model is one of the leading models of the new generation hair styling. This voluminous and fluffy appearance used in many hairstyles also manifests itself in the horse’s tail. It will also give you a cool look as you will get the classic line from the horse tail model. For those looking for different models, you can enjoy simple elegance with the voluminous horse tail model, one of the stylish and exclusive models.

You start by gently rubbing and ventilating the front part of your hair before harvesting. After you have tied your hair up, you lift the hairstick up to the front of your hair. Once the hair reaches the desired volume, you will need to tighten your hair and fix it with a hair spray to secure the raised front.

Sidewalk paddle
Mini Dutch braided horse tail
Side swept Dutch braided horse tail
Double braided lateral paddle
Triple lace braided horse tail
Native American horse tail with fish cage
French braided horse tail
Double braided horse tail
Ornate fish hatched braided horse tail
Extended Dutch braided horse tail
Simple braided horse tail
Water drop tail