Are you one of those who do not have any other color in the cold winter days? We have a bad news for you. We start from the bad: You will not want to drive red gum for a while. You will never miss a red gum thanks to its beautiful, fun and ambitious nail art models. We have compiled 10 nail art models that fit the autumn and winter season best for you! You can create unusual quotes every week by choosing one. If you like elegant and elegant styles in nail art models you can choose black and powder color matching. The bronze shimmering objects that are very suited to the autumn will add a different nail to the air. one of the colors most suited to the autumn is white. If you want to add a light color instead of a plain white nail polish, we recommend mixing white and light pink. After driving the light pink jelly to the bottom of the nail, you can drive the white jelly with the nacre sparkles on the rest. In doing so, you can get a perfect transition by helping with makeup sponges.If you want to add a different color to your nude color, you can apply a nail polish to the nail or nail tip. This nail art model is especially suited to long nails! If you need nail art ideas that you can do at home, this model is great for you. If you have short-structured nails, instead of riding a nail polish on a part of your nail, you can practice a nail art by putting on the whole of a single nail. You can make a difference in nail art by choosing striped models if you are not giving up on black art even if you are nail art. By drawing asymmetrical lines in the middle of your nails you will get a modern look. In doing so, if you do not have a special brush for nail art, you can get help from the Kurdistan! One of the most ambitious colors of the 2017 Autumn-Winter season was the burgundy. It would not be possible to reflect the burgundy color we often see in make-up trends and street style, to the nails! You can also catch the burgundy trend by applying it to different halves of dark burgundy genital fingernails. All you need is this band!You can get this look by sticking it to your fingernails as you like! Ombreli came to the ombrels after the fashion of the lips. With a nail polish look that converges from the bottom of your nails to the tip of your nails, you can collect your gaze in the nail. If you are confident about nail art, you can improve your ombre technique by drawing asymmetrical lines on your nails. Marble fingernails are one of the nail art trends that shake the world of Instagram. This nail art reminiscent of a marble pattern comes out everywhere. You can also get a marble look by pressing lightly with a plastic gelatin on top of it. Do not forget to draw gold-colored lines over the ogen to make it look more convincing!