Christmas Nail Art – Bright and Colorful Designs

New year nail design is a key component of the female image, as the festive image always consists of several details. And today we will discuss new year’s manicure, which will be important to create a festive night. 2019 will be held under the symbol of the yellow earth pig. If you are not prepared and have not picked up the fashion variations of images, I suggest you do it right now. Let’s discuss fashion manicure 2019 in the context of festive events. Christmas manicure 2019 is represented by a variety of nail designs.


Of course, the leading position today is French manicure. French, or French nail design for many years is on top of the fashion Olympus. He hasn’t changed at all. Rather, designers have transformed it to modern trends. So, in 2019, the French with graphic straight lines is very popular. If you want to make a more original manicure, then choose a jacket with stripes and geometric shapes. The very area of the nail tip can also be highlighted with graphic lines. French manicure is actually decorated with thematic drawings, which symbolize the main symbol of the year. However, you can make beautiful inscriptions, or complement the nail design with bright sparkles and confetti.

Manicures with confetti.

Confetti on the nails looks incredibly attractive. If you want to give your nails a really festive look, pay attention to this nail design. Confetti on the nails looks amazing. Graphic lines and large shapes are the Maxi Trend of 2019. On new year’s night it is important to create a manicure with colored confetti. At the same time, the confetti balls themselves should be as large and bright as possible. You can Supplement them with sequins or foil.

Manicure with foil.

Foil looks very bright on the nail plate, especially when it comes to festive nail design. Today, masters of Nail Art create a very bright variants of nail design with foil. It can be a shiny crumb, or a pretty impressive glossy nail design. The right combination of color palette is very important. So, it is important to create a manicure with shiny gold foil on the basis of beige and pink nail Polish. However, the foil itself can be a variety of colors, here designers do not put restrictions. But to complement this manicure a variety of drawings, it is not recommended.

Painting on nails.

Painted manicure today looks incredibly attractive. If you want to create a bright nail design, Choose the most unusual variations of painting. Today, many girls prefer to create on the nails drawings in the form of bears, trees, as well as other thematic drawings. The image of Father Frost and snow Maiden is the most acceptable thematic drawings of 2019. And don’t forget the main symbol of 2019 – a yellow earth pig. Painting on the nails is quite a difficult technique, which is only on the shoulder of an experienced master. After all, to create an artistic drawing on the nail plate is quite difficult.

Mirror nail design.

Mirror manicure is perfect for new year celebration. If you want to give the nail plate a beautiful glossy Shine, pay attention to the mirror manicure. In 2019, mirror manicure is very popular, which allows you to make the nail plate incredibly attractive. This can be a beautiful gold glitter, as well as all possible nail design options that allow you to emphasize the symbolism of the year. This is primarily yellow, pink, brown shades of nail Polish. Mirror manicure, it is fashionable today to complement the matte nail design. This game of contrasts, according to stylists, looks very bright and attractive.

Manicure with glitter.

Manicure with sequins looks very attractive, especially when it comes to nail design, which presumably should be bright and rich. Glitter design is no longer popular

first year. 2019 fashionable nail design with sequins is popular in all countries of the world. However, the stylist emphasize to be in trend it is important to choose a fashionable combination of large and small sequins. The same applies to fashionable shades. It is best to combine metallic shades paired with matte. It can be a beautiful gold color paired with matte beige.

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