In 2018, we have new applications in make-up techniques as well as fashion trends these days.You can learn the new eyeliner driving techniques of 2018 immediately and start practicing easily.

In the 2018 make-up trends, you can now say plain eyeliner techniques are just ordinary, just a day, and the new 2018 eyeliner models are more popular and eye-catching. You will see how beautiful and different styles are in the first experiment. Are you ready to meet with the newest eyeliner techniques we have seen in model year 2017, on podiums in mannequins and street fashion?

Foggy Laminator Technique

The foggy eyeliner technique is given a foggy emphasis on the look. The eyeliner should be distributed with the fingertips after it has been applied. Or the eyeliner should be given a misty effect with a headlight. The eyeliner technique is very trendy in 2017. The version is the eyeliner technique with the least risk of making mistakes as it is easier. you can opt for eye makeup. Drive an eyeliner of your choice and distribute it just that much!

Intensive Cat Eye Eyeliner

A thicker and heavily loaded eyeliner will both make your eyes bigger and more effective. Inspired by the exaggerated rock makeup of the ’70s, the tails are made thicker in this eye makeup. It will be a great choice in the parties and ball nights. When you make a very dense eye makeup, we recommend you to leave your lips and your skin in more natural tones.

twin eyeliner 2018

Two-Tailed Laminator Technique

You’ll catch a retro style with a two-tailed eyeliner technique. To do this, run a tail eyeliner on the upper and lower eyelids, then separate the two tails by applying white eyelid to the lower eyelash. This eye makeup will make your eyes look bigger and more attractive than they are.

new eyeliner riding models 2018

Thick bottom eyeliner

This eyeliner riding technique, which is a ladies’ watch in the 90’s, has returned in 2018. You should drive a eyeliner to a single lower lash pad for the ball. Make a thick line.

only lower eyeliner

Graphic Eyeliner Technique

It is also very difficult to make a very effective graphic eyeliner technique. If you are prone to your hand, you will not have much difficulty. A graphic eyeliner technique with different lines can be the most attractive woman in the night, mostly at party nights and in a private night.

2018 eyeliner models

Exaggerated angel wings

Angel wing eyeliner application will immediately let you out of the other women and make you look sexier. It also fits in perfectly with lashes. On graduation nights, prom nights and parties, you can use this wonderful winged eyeliner technique.

angel wing eyeliner 2018

White Eyeliner Technique

This technique is made especially by applying a white eyeliner over a black and dark brown eyeliner, making it look brighter and more vibrant. You can easily apply this technique to yourself. The lines you draw in these two double eyeliner driving techniques must be fine.