Small tattoos are the most suitable tattoo models for those who will tattoo for the first time and say “be tatum, but not too exaggerated”. These are some of the advantages of being small because of their low cost and the fact that they have designs that you can carry around for years without getting bored. Small tattoos can turn into less regrets over the next few years than larger tattoos. There’s also interest in loving this tattoo. Among small tattoos, animal tattoos constitute the most used designs. Among small animal tattoos, cute animal tattoos such as cats, dogs, birds, butterflies, and elephants are the most popular, especially among women. There is no restriction for any animal to have a small tattoo. You can make lion, horse, giraffe, whale, panda, eagle and small beating of every animal that comes to mind or has a meaning for you.Small tattoos are placed in the body; It is not recommended for large areas such as shoulder, upper arm, back, leg. As the area is wide, small tattoos can be lost in these areas. More; If you prefer body regions where small designs like hand and foot ankles, inner arms, fingers, and ears will show themselves, tattoos will show themselves better. Of course this is a recommendation, but you can still do it wherever you want.

Small Animal Tattoo Models

The most preferred animal designs among small tattoos are those that are cared as you can imagine. It is not surprising that in real life the reflection of the tattoos is not surprising when we think how popular the animals are.

If you find cliches of small tattoos of animals such as cats, dogs, birds, etc., thousands of animal species in the nature will inspire you. You can add some irony into your work. For example, if you are short-lived, you can find a humorous approach with a small giraffe tattoo 🙂