How to Choose Beautiful Bikini?

If you want to feel safe with the bathing suit you choose in the summer, first determine your body shape and make it easier to choose.If you are looking for a swimsuit, you can check out a few tips to help you choose.

Pear, spoon or triangle up:

the waist is thick, the upper and the hips are women with wide body types.

Apple or V shape (triangle facing down):

Women with a wider waist than hips, this body shape also has a thinner look to the legs.

Hourglass or X-shaped (triangle facing, opposing):
women with small waist and small hips. Generally, this type of body is the hips, legs, arms, chest and the growing lines towards the rear part according to the other parts of the body.

Plain, banana or (rectangular) shape:
lumbar, hip and bust, which are not usually significant difference between women with a generally flat body shape.

Now let’s take a look at the tips you need to look out for when buying swimsuits;
• Think of a top draping at the ruffles, frills, or bust as you add this volume and balance a straight chest.

selection of bathing suit according to body shape 2017

How to choose swimwear for small breasts:
• you can choose a bikini top that is configured with a simple flat blanket and padding.
• you may prefer a blouse and a retro-style one-piece swimsuit to reflect the hourglass body type.
• you can choose sporty swimwear.

Swimwear for Big Breasts

how to choose swimwear 2018

• they may prefer plump breasted bikini styles to balance shape.
• Avoid any additional ornaments and bumps, instead you may prefer simple and stylish designs.

Choosing a bathing suit for big hips
• women with large hips should choose dark colors on the lower part of their upper part in order to shift their gaze over the wide hips.

how to choose swimwear by body type

Thin looking bathing suit for stomach
• Stomach ladies may prefer tanks to packers.
• may prefer dark colored mayo, avoid horizontal striped mayo.

Pears for Shaped Shape
• Pear-shaped body types may prefer dark colors on the underside, flat-colored two-part swimsuits on the upper part, and you may also choose decked and patterned swimsuits on the upper side.
• If you want to emphasize your beautiful narrow shoulders, you can opt for a strapless or single shoulder asymmetrical swimsuit.
• They may also prefer skirts, which are a great way for pear-shaped women, and hide their unwanted flaws.

2018 trend swimsuit models

Swimwear for Straight Shaped Body Type
• The body of the water-shaping body can choose one piece of waist detail and two pieces of waistband, thus creating a perfect hourglass-shaped illusion.

Apple Shaped Figure Body Towel
• Distribute your attention with high-cut legs and a decolletage collar.
• Such bodies may prefer printing and patterning with dark-toned jerseys such as black at the bottom.

bathing suit selection

Swimwear for the Hourglass Shaped Body
Women with hourglass patterns can comfortably use almost any swimsuit style. Two-piece bikini yada swimwear, single-piece swimwear and halter tops may be preferred. See also: 2016 Swimwear and Bikini Modelleri
If you just want to draw attention to the areas you want and camouflage your problem areas, you can do it with colors, prints, cuts and decorations.

watch out for swimsuits

To give a general Thin look with swimwear
You can choose flexible one-piece swimsuits in search of swimwear that reflects exquisite delicacy.
You can get a stylish and sexy look with knitting or lace details.

Tips for Other Swimwear Choices
Focus on Swimwear Colors, Patterns, Details and Fabrics
The sexy swimwear is the best choice for the squeaky colors and patterns detailed fabrics.
• If you want to emphasize a specific part of your body, you can choose a bright color or pattern.
• Use a solid color to hide some problem areas. If you are pale skinny, dark purple, navy blue and burgundy black or jewel tones you can choose. If you have a darker skin, you can choose bright colors.

• If you want to add volume to your upper area, you can earn volume with frills and shaggy patchwork.

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