We are only a few days apart from the New Year’s Eve and haven’t you still decided what to wear? Don’t be panicked. This article will end your struggle and is your perfect guideline to choose the perfect dress for the new year’s party you’re attending.

Step Forward in the Elegance Race        

Let’s start from the general. We know that there will be a kind of “elegance race” at the party. Do not worry, you’ll look stunning with help of our guide.

First thing first, choose the colors that fit the energy of the New Year’s Eve night. Enhance your elegance with complementary accessories.

The clothes to be worn on New Year’s Eve should be as comfortable as they are stylish. Don’t forget: elegance is not merely a matter of how you dress, but also how you behave. Plus, you can’t enjoy this long night in a highly uncomfortable dress. Feel good & look good.

Dress – Place Harmony

Equally important is to pay attention to what to wear where. If the party is in a hotel ballroom, you may choose:

  • An elegant and stylish long dress
  • Jewelry as accessories
  • Black lace décolleté
  • A natural makeup

If you’re attending to a street party for the New Year’s Eve, wear

  • Furs
  • Lace stockings
  • Wool shawls
  • Colored leather coats
  • Stapled booties

To enhance your style at a restaurant while welcoming the New Year, prefer

  • A mini dress
  • Agleam velvet blazers
  • Natural eye make-up with red lipstick
  • Wavy hear

No matter where or with whom you’ll be, be sure to take comfy flat-bottom shoes with you to change your high-heels when you feel the need and have lots of fun!