Today we are trying the purple eye makeup together, one of the rising makeup trends of recent times!

Every day a brand new makeup trend is entering our lives. We especially like to see and try colorful eye makeup trends! Our agenda today is purple eye makeup, which has recently begun to attract our attention, especially between Instagram and Tiktok makeup trends. We are trying this eye makeup style using pastel purple and lilac tones together!

How to do the purple eye makeup?

In order to follow the purple eye makeup trend, you should first choose a eyeshadow palette with the right purple and lilac shades. With this trend, bright colors from Ultimate Shadow Eyeshadow Palette of NYX Professional Makeup, which is very useful for bright and vibrant eye makeup, came to our mind immediately. Purple and lilac toned eyeshadows this eyeshadow palette are very suitable for this eye makeup trend!

Step 1: For purple eye make-up, apply a lilac-toned shadow on the palette to the entire eyelid. When it reaches the fold of the eyelid, spread it upwards to get a smooth transition. To make the lighter shadow more prominent, you should apply it over the fold.

Step 2: You can give a little depth to make the purple eye makeup a little more pronounced. For this, you can apply the matte purple color in the Ultimate Shadow Brights Palette very lightly to the outer corner of your eyes and the fold line with a blending brush.

Step 3: You can either end your eye makeup with this step or apply it to the lower lash bottoms to increase the purple effect, however you want. When you apply the lilac eyeshadow to the lower lash line, the color will outshine much more and you will get a misty look.

Note: If you want to use your purple makeup as your daily makeup, you can use a light brown shade shadow in the fold area of your eye. This color will give your eyes a natural shade  and will be compatible with your lilac eyeshadow.

Complete your eye makeup with long and voluminous lashes

The last step of our purple eye makeup is: Mascara selection. Since purple is an extremely ambitious and remarkable color in itself, you will need a mascara that gives volume and length on your lashes to complete this claim. NYX Professional Makeup On The Rise Liftscara, which removes lashes from the bottom, bends, lengthens and gives volume with the effect of eyelash lifting, will complement this makeup perfectly.