There are some products that should be used when women need to be resistant to water, moisture and sweat.These products make up during the day do not leak percent and make it look healthier. It is also used in the treatment of acne. There are many varieties of these products, commonly known as waterproof products. The use of waterproofers such as fondue, mascara, eyeliner, etc.makes make-up more durable for a longer period of time.

Another process that increases the permanence of makeup is to use powdered products on cream products. For example, if a transparent powder passes through the foundation after applying it, it is fixed from the foundation and its permanence is increased. Or after applying cream blush, if powder is applied in the same tones of powder, the blush does not fly and stops on the skin for a longer time.

To ensure permanence in eye makeup, it is necessary to apply a base under the headlight to be applied to the eyelid. This can be a light-colored eye shadow or powder, as well as some of the base liquid headlights. In mascara and eyeliner selection, waterproof products are required. Gel eyeliner helps get perfect results without infecting the eyelid.

In lip makeup, permanence is provided with lip pens. Lipstick is more permanent when a lipstick is applied to the lip that is compatible with the color of the pen. Lipstick that does not come out can also be used, but these products dry the lip. To prevent this you need to moisturize your lips with a lip moisturizer before applying lipstick.In addition to these, makeup stabilizer sprays are also highly sought after as a Savior in order to make the makeup more permanent. These sprays are sprayed to the skin about 30 cm further after making up and greatly increase the strength of makeup.