How to make a cobalt blue eye makeover from the most popular makeup styles of summer nights, step by step!

One of the most popular colors in eye makeup lately is cobalt blue. This tone of metallic reflective blazing is a very nice option, especially for summer evenings. Today, we’re going to step-by-step how to do Cobalt blue eye makeup with Stylist from L’Oréal Paris’s new La Petite Palette headlight palettes!

Metallic blue, when combined with a smoky look, really gives a very attractive and eye-catching look. It is actually very easy to make this eye makeup which can be very suitable for everyone with the combination of correct colors. If you like to play with colors and want to use different shades for your nightly makeup, the cobalt blue tone is right for you!

Our preference for this eye makeup was L’Oréal Paris’s new La Petite Palette from the palettes of the Stylist. In addition to the metallic earth tones inside it, the metallic cobalt blue is also ideal for this makeover. If we think that this tone is also very harmful with the earth tones, it is not hard to know that we will get a very natural transition and a remarkable makeup.

In the first step of our eye makeup, we will have a natural transition in our folding zone. For this, we apply the metallic gray color of the second row of the Stylist palette to the folding area of ​​our eyelid with a soft-tipped blending brush. After we have achieved a natural transition, we are ready to pass on our main color. We apply the metallic blue fly on the Stylist palette to our eyelids with our fingers to achieve a more intense effect. With its intense pigmentation and soft structure, it gives the intense metallic look we want in one shot. We mix the two colors we apply with the same mixing brush.

L’Oréal Paris La Petite We apply a thin line of dark brown light at the bottom of the Palette Stylist with a cut-edge eyeliner brush to give your eyelashes a higher depth and density. In our lower eyelid diplomas, we use both the follicle we used in the folding area and the cobalt blue blossom last, until halfway and we distribute it lightly.

An intense and bulky effect on the lashes

We apply L’Oréal Paris Paradise fascination as a mascara to reinforce our eyes with cobalt blue smoky, black and bulky eyelashes. This mascara, which separates the lashes one by one and gives it an intense volume, is one of the most loved ones since the first day. If you want a water-resistant mascara that will resist summer and moisture, you can use L’Oréal Paris Paradise Waterproof.