Here are the secrets you need to know to make you look as beautiful as ever after the beach.

Let’s go first, then let’s have our lemonade, then let’s take a walk along the seashore. Come on, let us be the most beautiful girls of the city this summer.

Eye Makeup

As you start to make up the eye, you will create a little shadow around your eyes, emphasizing beauty. Lighten the eyelids with a light, lemon-colored headlight, then create a contrasting shade. Or apply a makeup to the golden or honey color tone, drop the orange color shades onto the tanned skin.

Whether you want to have some fun, rub eyeliner on the eyelids or just below the lashes in dark green, then make the water-resistant rimla lashes clear. Lean your lips and cheeks with their natural colors so your eyes are well visible.

The golden tanning powders create the most entertaining eye delusions that can come to mind. Pour tanning powder onto the cheekbones, neck, and collarbone. See, you do not even need to be in the sun?

How do you like to look in the summers?