How to make a dazzling turquoise eye make-up, it’s the easiest step to use at your vacation!

It will make you feel refreshed, if you are going on a holiday by the sea, a turquoise eye makeup is the thing you need most, if you can adapt to your eye makeup! While the time to use the energetic and vibrant colors of doya doya in the summer is tightening, today “How to make turquoise eye makeup?” with the simplest steps!

The people of Aegean coasts are becoming a guest of turquoise summer eye make-up and we refresh hot summer days with a single eye make-up. Using Optimist from L’Oréal Paris’s La Petite Palette headlight palettes, we prepared a simple eye makeup that everyone could easily do. You will understand how easy it is when you try this makeup that turquoise is in the lead role!

Our eye makeup begins by first applying a transition color to the folding zone. L’Oréal Paris La Petite Palette After applying the metallic beige color of the Optimist headlight palette to the folding area of ​​our eyes, we distribute it with a soft-tipped headlight mixing brush. Immediately afterwards we apply the turquoise shades of the Optimist palette and mix them gently to achieve a natural transition. The turquoise headlight is already so dense pigmented that you can get a very dense look that you want to apply in one go, so that makeup is so easy!

L’Oréal Paris La Petite Palette Optimist By applying the clearest sparkling creamy brow fountain on the palm of your hand and under your eyebrows, If you want, you can leave it at this exact stage, but now we are applying metallic coffee fry lightly to our lower eyelashes as we want to get a slightly deeper and smoky look in the eyes.

Editor’s suggestion: If you want to adapt this turquoise toned eye makeup to the evening, you can apply the darkest coffee on the Optimist palette to the outer corners of your eyes and distribute it slightly. Since the headlamp’s structure is so soft, you can easily turn the eye make-up into a smoky night make-up.

Come on in the mascara step to make the turquoise effect in the eyes, voluminous and water resistant. You know how much we love the volume effect of L’Oréal Paris’s Paradise mask. Now with Paradise Waterproof mascara we are giving our eyelashes an incredible volume and making it resistant to summer temperatures.