How to lose 10 kilos a month by consuming plenty of yogurt and water and eating other meals on a regular basis?

I lost 10 pounds at the end of a month by eating lots of yogurt and drinking water during the day. I wanted to write this diet program that I discovered for you. I hope you will have the same effect and you will be saved from excess weight thanks to a healthy diet.

Suggestions and Considerations

Eat fast food and excess fat at most once a week.
Do not use the elevator and escalators. (you can use it when you get tired)
Keep water out of your hands and eyes. Often for water.
Eat regularly, do not skip meals.
Eat your own dishes as much as possible.
Stop using sugar. Do not throw sugar into beverages such as tea or coffee. Minimize Coke consumption.
Do not remain stationary for a long time, make an occasional movement.
Have a sleep pattern.
If you get hungry between meals, you can eat salad or fruit without sugar.
For main meals, you should not eat more than one plate. Rice rice should eat less.
I fell from 68 kilos to 58-59 kilos by eating regularly, eating yogurt and home cooking frequently. My biggest help during this diet was yogurt and water.

Yogurt Diet

Wake up every morning to at least half a liter of water.
Then add the vegetables you want to sweeten into a bowl of warm yoghurt by mixing it with very little salt. For example cucumbers, purslane, strawberries, cherries, jams (1-2 tablespoons)
After eating yogurt you will feel quite full and vigorous. After half an hour you can start preparing breakfast. You won’t eat much more than you’re already full. So we survived the breakfast with the least calories.
Drink at least 1.5 liters of water until lunch. This corresponds to an average of 6 glasses of water, especially in the summer is not difficult to drink at all. Never remove water from you. And do not use elevators and escalators in your daily work.
Prepare 1 bowl of yogurt again 1 hour before lunch. Add vegetable-weighted sweeteners into this time. I find the cucumber very compatible with the yogurt diet. You can also eat cucumbers with yogurt.
You can eat any meal you want at home, provided you do not exceed 2 slices of bread.
I suggest you drink 1.5 liters of water until afternoon. Drinking plenty of water helps to eliminate toxins in the body and accelerate metabolism.
Prepare a bowl of yogurt before dinner. If you put the boiled potatoes in the blender and pull it with the help of the blender, you will increase its saturation.
You should eat dinner before 8:30.
If you have to sleep late, you should definitely not eat at night. After 8:30, you can eat fruit or salad.
If you get hungry after dinner, you can eat half a bowl of yogurt without patatess and jam.
It is not difficult to follow this diet regularly, friends. It’s amazing to lose 10 pounds a month by eating regularly and never getting hungry. If you experience problems during the diet program, you can request support by writing comments under this article. Good luck.