The roses, which have an extremely romantic role in expressing the love of the lovers to each other, have a solid place in the cosmetics field as well as where they have in literature and relations. Individuals are able to have a healthier and more beautiful appearance by using natural products, depending on the features of the skin structures. Rose oil is also among the natural and nourishing ingredients. When it comes to both smell and nutrition, the use of rose oil in daily care is extremely mind-boggling. It can be used for rose oil, hair care and skin care; moisturizes hair, hair and skin, helps to release the oil needed for the skin to have a healthy structure. Speaking of its benefits to the hair, it helps to strengthen the dry and weak hair structures that many people have, and help the secretion of the oil that should normally be.Especially the application of rose oil, which is a natural method that can be applied to the problem of dry and weak hair that people with wavy hair have, strengthens the hair follicles that grow under the hair and grow under the hair. In this way, the hair becomes easier to hold onto the hair, and the fat that is naturally secreted from the follicles is secreted. It can be applied directly from the hair to the tip of the hair while the rose oil is applied, or it can be applied by mixing with a hair cream, shampoo. Rose oil has anti-inflammatory properties, which means it can prevent inflammation. It can be passed by using rose oil in front of various illnesses that may occur in the skin of the hair. Good results can be obtained as a result of using rose oil in skin problems and hair-related problems; dandruff and psoriasis can be avoided.However, as with any natural product, the dermatologist will be the best adviser before using rose oil. Rose oil has many benefits for hair and skin; antiviral and antibacterial properties of the skin to prevent unwanted and unusual occurrences of rose can be used to prevent the beginning of the formation. If Rose will look at the components of oil; natural antioxidant geriniol, phenyl ethanol and farnesol, which regulates the production of normal oil on the skin. In Ayurveda, alternative medicine practices, which have a predominant place in India, it takes a great deal of time to treat patients and solve their problems by using oils.With the prevalence and power of treatment of people using natural oils and the fact that they are getting better results with the introduction of treatments that we talked about instead of increasing medication and modern treatments over time, centers were established in Europe and many other parts of the world, especially in Germany. Pitta in Ayurveda, skin problems caused by imbalances in the body; acne and dullness of the skin can be described as abnormal Pitta. Pitta is one of the terms related to skin health in Ayurvedic treatments and is a term related to endocrine, enzymes and digestive systems in the body that are related to water and fire elements. It is no doubt that the senses of people are perceiving their surroundings, taking the stimuli that are out there and evaluating them.The quality of the stimuli taken from the outside, the intensity and the processes that the body brings to the field have the power to make people feel better, to be more wasted, and even to remember something. Saying that rose oil has a relaxing effect on people like the same lavender odor, when stimulants are known to be so effective, will help people feel better in stress and worse moments. It is known by everyone that stress is responsible for hair loss if it continues through skin health. Including rose oil among the weapons people can use in their struggle against stress will ensure that they have a smelling and truly effective defense system.