Marriage Proposal From Celebrities

You can be sure Hollywood stars are just as self-conscious as you are when they propose. Come and see a couple of wedding offers from celebrities.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

You’re very wrong If you think that Kim Kardashian, who drew attention to his gloomy life, has just received a simple marriage proposal. Kanye West, who was proposing to Kim, performed a magnificent marriage proposal at the AT&T Stadium in San Francisco with a 50-person orchestra. When the duo came to the stadium, the romantic part of the orchestra Lana del Rey began playing “young and Beautiful” and the fireworks covered the sky. “Please marry me!”when his writing appeared, Kanye offered to marry Kim with a tectonic diamond cutting a 15-carat pillow.

Amal alamuddin and George Clooney

George Clooney, one of Hollywood’s charismatic actors, proposed to his successful human rights lawyer, Amal Alamuddin, to marry him in their home with romantic food and music. The couple who lived their relationship away from the spotlight would have had a marriage proposal like this. If George Clooney even offered to marry him with a nice candlelight dinner and nice music, why not you?

Camilla Alves and Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey, one of those who knows the vacation opportunity to propose to his lovely girlfriend Camilla Alves. McConaghey gave a big box of presents to his prospective wife at Christmas time with his couple’s parents. The handsome actor put the ring in eight boxes. When Alves finally opened the gift boxes and reached the ring, McConaghey knelt down and asked the big question. Matthew Mcconaughey’s offer may inspire you to make a surprise marriage proposal to your girlfriend.

“Will you marry me?” I offered a few ideas to help you with the question. You can make a marriage proposal that will be remembered forever by choosing the right one for your relationship. One thing you need to know is, just as you propose, it’s all gonna be memorable for your boyfriend. Because this is the first step in your life together.

Not you, let the painting speak!

You can surprise your girlfriend with a touch of art on your marriage proposal. Get a picture of your lover’s surprise face with a painting with a ring box extending towards him. When the big day comes, give him this painting and wait for his reaction. He’s probably gonna ask you a question like, “what does that mean?” Yeah, that’s your cue! Now take out the ring in your pocket and ask him to marry you. Such an offer will keep a memory of the day you proposed to you and your lover. Even after years, you can go back to that special day every time you see the picture.

Fly your offer!

Are you interested in colorful flying balloons? If your answer is “yes,” you can propose to your boyfriend an interesting marriage with balloons. “Will you marry me?” tie a note to the end of the balloons. Fly him to the glass of your boyfriend’s house with a long rope you hold in your hand. Then call him and tell him to get out of the window. He’il know what’s going on when he sees balloons and the ring. Of course, I have to say that your boyfriend’s house should not be in a very high building.

The break is over, love is on!

If you’re a couple who likes to watch a movie, it’s a good idea to make a marriage proposal at the cinema. You can deal with the cinema hall and publish a video that you have prepared at the time of the commercials between the film and make a surprise and interesting marriage proposal to your lover. Even if you design the video like a trailer, this will make your offer even more memorable.

Surprise Marriage Proposal

“It was an ordinary day, and suddenly…” how would you like to make a surprise marriage proposal that you can tell your loved ones about that special day? If the answer is “yes,” you can get inspired by these ideas.

Beware Of Forbidden Words!

Play a box of cards, such as taboos, on an ordinary day when you gather with friends. In the middle of the game, start telling your girlfriend as if the card had the word “marriage proposal.” He’s excited to know the answer.”take the ring out of your pocket and ask her to marry surprise in front of all your friends. Don’t forget to tell your friends about it before the game and ask them to take that special moment on the camera. That way, you can immortalize your offer and your lover’s surprise.

Play with cameras

Turn on your phone camera and start shooting a video of your girlfriend. Ask him a variety of questions about the traits he loves and dislikes about you and about what you do. You also answer these questions with him. “Now I’m going to go to the last question.” At that moment, you can be sure that you can see happiness, surprise and many other emotions in your beloved’s eyes.

Sing to him!

Sometimes the songs tell everything. You can take advantage of the power of the songs when you propose a marriage. Plan an event that looks very routine, noteworthy with your favorite group of friends. You can go to the karaoke bar, for example. After the bands cheer up, look her in the eyes, vocalize a meaningful song for your relationship, and surprise her by asking the big question at the end of the song with this impressive marriage proposal. There’s no doubt that both you and your friends can’t forget this special night!

Marriage Proposal

If your love is romantic as in fairy tales, then you should also reflect on the proposal. You can charm your girlfriend by asking her a big question at a time full of romance.

Follow your heart!

Take a heartfelt post-it and write a sentence on every page explaining why you love your boyfriend. Then place the post-Item in the form of a road to where you want it to be. Paste the last paper on the door of the room and push it on the post-“for all these reasons and many more…”in writing. When your boyfriend opens the door and sees you with a ring in his hand, you can be sure your eyes will be filled with happiness. With this romantic proposal, you can leave her with a special moment she’il remember forever.

Two birds with one stone!

You can see a vacation with your boyfriend as a great opportunity to propose. As the city of love, you can make a romantic marriage proposal in a place like New York, Paris or Rome, or in Cappadocia, one of the most fascinating places in Turkey. For example, when you are in one of the travel balloons in Cappadocia, you can offer a romantic sunset to your lover, telling him that it’s just like being with him is like flying in the air.

Set up the banquet table!

Prepare a romantic dinner with candlelight by making your lover’s favorite dishes. Don’t forget that preparing food is very important to your lover. At the end of this romantic dinner, your bell rings and when your lover opens the door, he will meet a trio band who plays his favorite songs. All these shocking details will give you enough time to kneel down and prepare the ring. You can choose an interesting sentence from the marriage proposal and propose an unforgettable marriage.