Choosing the right lipstick for skin color is sometimes not easy. Lipsticks that we like to see in our friend or magazine do not give the same effect sometimes. I’m sure this has happened to you. We investigated the reasons for this, let’s see which skin color and which color lipstick suits? You will learn to make the right makeup thanks to makeup suggestions for every skin color.

Lipstick colors to suit every skin tone

Maybelline New York must have heard of our concern about finding the right lipstick color to match our skin tone, which has created the perfect lipstick range for everyone, the “Made For All” lipstick collection.

It has been tested in 50 different skin tones and has set 6 colors to suit every complete skin tone. In this collection called “Made For All”, from nude shades to fuchsia, from mud to matt red, these colors will suit everyone, “which lipstick color according to my skin tone?” You won’t have to think!

Lipstick Color Tips for Light Skin

If you have a close-to-white, light skin, you can choose vibrant tones such as fuchsia and pink. These colors reflect your energy very strongly and will suit your skin color. Maybelline 379 Fuchsia For Me in New York’s Made For All lipstick collection is a fuchsia hue that suits you without even realizing the complexion or skin tone.

Lipstick Color Suggestions for Doves

Brown skinned people are very lucky to use different colors! Whether you want nude or matte and vivid tones can use. When you use accent colors on your lips, you can concentrate on lipstick by leaving eye makeup simple.

If you want to use a universal nude lipstick that suits everyone, without thinking about whether it suits skin sub tone or skin color, you can try the 373 Mauve For Me from Maybelline New York Made For All.

Lipstick Color Recommendations for Wheat Skins

Those with wheat skin should use lipstick in warm tones. Instead of gray tones, you can use purple pinks and reds. You should not forget this tactic not only in lip makeup but also in eye makeup. Warm-tone colors will express you better.

Maybelline New York’s 382 Red For Me in the universal shades of Made For All lipstick collection, with all-round colors.

Lipstick Color Recommendations for Brunettes

Those with brown skin can experience an attractive look by experimenting with vibrant red lipsticks. These colors, which will come to the forefront with their dark skin, will show you both very energetic and feminine. We recommend Maybelline 385 Ruby For Me!

Lipstick Color Suggestion for Bronzes

After you get bronze in the summer, you should try the highlighted colors on your lips. Purr and maroon tones will look great on your bronze skin! By combining this view with strobing technique, you can stamp in summer. We recommend Maybelline New York’s 388 Plum For Me in the Made For All series of lipsticks in shades that match everyone!