Makeup Techniques That Will Make You Look Thin

We tell you about makeup techniques you need to know to make your face look thinner!

If you have a round face and  want your face to look thinner, you can change a lot with some makeup techniques. You can have a thinner face by applying the makeup materials you use a little differently than before and by using the makeup tips that make the face look thin.

Here are the makeup techniques that make the face look thin!

Create a good base for your skin makeup

Before starting your make up, you should definitely apply a moisturizing makeup base. Moisturizing make-up bases are crucial for the foundation you apply to integrate with your skin and look more natural. Maybelline Face Studio Moisturizing Makeup Base is a good choice, that while moisturizing the skin, increases the permanence of the foundation. The Maybelline Fit Me foundation you will apply on your base will give your skin a natural matte look and your skin will look more natural than ever. This step is especially important for making contours and lighting processes to look more natural.

Brighten your face with concealer

To make your face look thinner, you should first highlight the middle part of your face and make it stand out. For this, you can use your concealer to brighten your face. All you have to do is to illuminate the your eye, shaped in the form of an inverted triangle, nose line, chin and middle of the forehead. Thus, if your face is round, the edges will remain in the background.

For this, you can use the Maybelline Instant Anti Age Eraser concealer. Choose the concealer which is  1-2 tones lighter than your skin tone. You will naturally resize your face with the lighting feature of this concealer.

Make your face salient with contours

The most important of the techniques that make the face look thin is the contour application. By shading some areas on your face, you can throw them back so that they look longer and oval. After lighting your face with a concealer, you can make contours with a cold-toned bronzer. To overshadow the diagonal line just below the cheekbones, you can slightly shade from ear level to the middle of your cheeks. This technique will make your face look longer and oval. You can use Maybelline City Bronzer’s 200 shades of Medium Cool color (which is a cool toned color) for contouring.

Contouring your jaw and nose

Defining the chin line and thinning your nose with contours will make your face appear thinner. Apply City Bronzer by Maybelline along the chin line and lightly spread it around your neck. By highlighting the shadow here, you can give your face an oval look.

Likewise, you can contour both sides of your nose to gently shade them. So your nose will look longer and thin, which will support thin appearance.

Applying blush and illuminator

The blush and illuminating step is very important to support your contour application. First, apply the illuminator right on the cheekbones, under the eyebrows and on the nose line. Then apply the blush to the face to look oval, by sweeping gently from the cheeks to your temples. These two steps will make your face look thinner and longer than before, as it will naturally combine with your contours. A good option for the illuminator is 200 Diamond Glow, one of Maybelline Chrome Extreme illuminators, which will give a very natural light with its close to white tone. You can also choose Maybelline Cheek Heat liquid blush for the blush. The natural color they give is really great and they are very easy to apply.

Focus on your eyebrows

If you have a round face shape, you should focus on your eyebrows for a thinner and longer look. In order for your round face to look more oval, you should curve your eyebrows a little. Fill in the gaps in your eyebrows with a fine-tip eyebrow pencil and curve it a little. You can align the eyebrow pencil with the edge of your nose and the pupil to shape your face from the right spot. The thin tip of the Maybelline Brow Ultra Slim eyebrow pencil will make it easier for you to curve your eyebrows naturally. Moreover, you can easily control it by combing your eyebrows with the eyebrow brush behind it.