The use of mineral water as a skincare product in beauty routines is common due its natural content. Thanks to the calcium contained, it is very beneficent in skincare routine. It helps your skin look smoother and glow in a healthy way. Let’s have a closer look at mineral water’s many other benefits to your skin:

• It exfoliates dead skin.
• It helps your skin to gain its healthy radiance.
• It evens out your skin tone.
• It eliminates blackheads and pimples (even the inflamed ones).

How to Include Mineral Water in Your Daily Skincare Routine

1. Rinse your face before sleep.
2. Pour mineral water into a makeup cotton and apply to your face as a tonic.
3. Apply your face cream afterwards.

Mineral Water is well known for its efficacy in eliminating blackheads and pimples. Yet, due to its acidic structure, it may cause irritation on skin. Be sure to apply it to a small area on your skin for the first time and check whether any irritation occurs. If yes, contact your dermatologist for future use.