The 2018 summer season will consist of geometric shapes, forms, lines, color bumps that are worth trying in your nails from abstract nail designs to artistic nail designs. In the nail art trends of 2018, take a look at Artistic Nail Art Designs that will take your mind off your head.

1. Imaginary waves
You can create trans effects with these artistic waves that are adorned with vibrant and jeweled tones of your fingers. Using yellow, orange, red, and silent blue, you can draw extraordinary iridescent waves with a fine brush.

2018 nail trends

2. art of nail reflecting sadness
If you want to add a phrase that reflects squeezing your fingernails, do not crawl the black nail lacquer slowly without going over your nails.

artistic nail designs 2018 19

3. A surprising Chinese puzzle effect in the nails
You can apply your fingernails, such as a picture or a man, using a combination of vibrant and quiet nail polishes.

trend nail patterns

4. Yellow-Orange Music Notebook
If you are a musician or a passionate music lover you should definitely choose the right nail polishes. For example, you can use a yellow and orange paint with orange pattern. Musical chords will have a butterfly effect on you.

musical nail patterns 2018 nailart trends

5. Snowy Scene
You can apply the white nail varnish, which is a piece that best shows the abstract nail designs, as white stained without leaking out of your nail.

new nail art trends

6. Black and White Optical Illusion
The point to note here is that your fingernails create black and white optical illusion scenes.

black and white nail designs

7. Flashing dye
Here, using your imagination, you can create artistic influences in your fingernails by using yellow and black, red-orange, stunning blue together and also creating free groups from other colors.

nail polish designs 2018

8. Artistic Flower magnificent fingernails
Artistic designers can use the pink and lavender twin to create the floral bloom, which is a fashion that reaches out to the nails in the nails.

artistic nail patterns 2018

9. Graphic design quotes
You can try out the best of abstract nail pieces and unlimited lines of your imagination.

graphic patterned nail art

10. Artistic Tree Branches
You can draw black leafless branches on your nails with yellow, blood red, orange or blue paint.

nail art 2018 2019