With a new trend that started in the past year, it will be in place to say that the short-length and pantyhose in patterned style is back to street fashion.In other words, pop-art sock style has become more widespread since the first spring period. It is possible for girls of all ages to see these socks, which spread quickly to young girls after the patterned – shaped – cartoon – shaped pantyhose that girls love.

After File Pants Socks

The young girls who rip out the knee part of light blue or blue-blue jeans are beginning to wear net socks. After that, brands who know the current opportunity started to produce jeans and socks. Well, it would be right to waste that opportunity. The combination of this fashion, which started, was made up of short-sleeved – light-colored t-shirts, adorned with thick-bottomed black shoes or sports shoes that looked like winter shoes. Then there was a change in this current.

Short – Transparent Patterned Socks

From the end of the autumn months, the patterned socks trend was forgotten, but the opposite was true. The patterned socks stretching to the end of the short leg were found to be transparent. Patterns were added to the transparent socks with holes to complete the lady’s frills. Particularly chosen by short-lived women, these models have not only finished the chic, but they have added the beauty of the feet by adding a distinctive air.

Men’s Patterned Socks

Although every woman is adorned for her or competing with other women, it is not true that the opinion is widespread but not preferred for men. As the variety of colors in the patterned socks increased in the streets, the men were also very satisfied with this situation. In social surveys it was understood that colored, transparent and patterned pantyhose were very popular among men.

Selecting Patterned Socks According to Skin Color

If your skin color is white or brown, we recommend you to choose transparent socks. It is easy to find any pattern of transparent socks that reveal the beauty of your legs and albinism. The pantyhose preferences in street fashion are white in color. The most popular shapes in white-patterned socks are flowers or heart patterns. You can easily combine with other accessories and clothes you wear. For example, you can also choose pantyhose, which is made up of transparent, perforated and small flower figures, just as you can look nicer by choosing a black slacks sweater and a socks patterned underneath a beige hem.

The Fashion of the 90’s Came in Socket Socks

If you lived in the 90s, you remember. We had small socket socks. On top of all the shapes – patterns and figurines, as well as funny faces – cartoon characters and even funny words you find. In 2018, pop-art fashion that does not escape from the eyes of fashioners and new patterns were revealed by observing a sharp bend in socket socks. We are confident that we will see more socket socks that are pleasing to the ladies of all ages from small to big this year.

Leather Dress and Patterned Sock Combi

When we look at the streets, it is possible to see many young women in leather suits and patterned socks that are not older than 25 years old. They can make all the combinations with colors that are completely black or sake. Actually, it looks very good. Images of black skin with black horizontal stripes or a cute black pantyhose with zippered or plain black leather dress on top of a patterned pantyhose, a black sweater on top of it, or a black blouse with a hanger can look at itself every passing day.

We are even more surprised to see the diversity of patterned pantyhose that is not limited to these. It is easy to see a brighter red image in the other half of the sock half of the black socks in the sock models with vertical lines drawn on both sides with different colors. There are even garter-looking socks. Actually there are many fantastic images. What we like the most about is the patterned socks, which are just about ten gulls or bird figures that seem to fly on the edge of a sock. We can also suggest feather appearance. There are so many options that we did not know which one to avoid. So we created a gallery of patterned socks for you. We leave you the choice.Here you go..