If you want to have a vintage style but don’t dare or know how and where to start, here are a few tips!

Many of us are afraid to adapt the style of clothing we see in someone else to ourselves. Moreover, even if we love it and see it very close to ourselves! The biggest reason for this is not to take risks or to be afraid of doing wrong…

In order to make your style look vintage, it will be enough to take some inspiration from the queens of vintagenin and include your own tastes. Of course, we have a few suggestions for you first …

Elastic waist tops

We love the elastic waistband and floral print tops of the 1960s. That’s why the top role of our first vintage combination is powdered floral top! It would be a good idea to combine these patterns with a solid long skirt.

Floral patterns

How about adding some feminine style to your clothes? If you use floral designs, which are indispensable details, in the correct dimensions, you can look both vintage and stylish.

Mini Jackets

How often do you use jackets? You can use the jackets in all seasons. For this reason, the jackets are always in your closet, but you have a unique difference. For example, this knitwear can also be a jacket.

Feminine details

While many people who love vintage clothing generally prefer to take on a more bohemian style, this time we have created a more feminine style. With this combination of vintage and feminine pieces, you can be the favorite of special invitations.

Vintage Long Skirts

Finally, our combination suggestion that we want to inspire you is here smells of style. The combined piece features a vintage skirt with long slippers and a knitwear with a ship motif. You can easily apply such a combination to your daily wear.