It should be noted that among the hair trends lately, gray platinum hair has occupied a considerable space. Gray platinum hair, which is among the most indispensable of most people, has become very popular especially in summer.

These color hair, which allows the hair to move, is among the fashionable ones especially used by the younger people. At the same time this color hair gives the person a very noble and unusual appearance. The impression given by gray hair at the same time from a fantastic world makes it attractive for the fantasy world lovers. This color, which is preferred by those who want to make an innovation that will inspire the environment, develops in the following way:

Things to Watch Before Making Gray Platinum Hair:

For gray platinum hair color it is essential that you first take your hair in an intensive care process. Gray platinum paint, which is an effective dyeing variety in the past, is among the chemicals that can cause damage to hair. For this reason, it is not recommended to apply to hair that has already been damaged. it will cause you to see quite annoying results. For this reason, you have to be 100% sure that your hair is in good condition. The other thing you need to be aware of is that if your hair is painted or not. It is advisable to make some applications before the operation so that the hair can be seen better. Gray platinum hair on this side will appear in more intense colors. You can use protein and moisturizing supplements for this. At the same time, these reinforcements will come to your forehead in the establishment of your hair will come to the fore.It is useful to choose the appropriate tone for gray hair.If you want to make this hair color together with the shadow color, make a suitable hair color. you may want to change it soon.

How to Get Gray Platinum Hair?

The recommended method for revealing gray platinum hair is to apply for a professional. You can get the results in the way you expect in the way. If you trust the painting yourself, you can try to do it yourself.

Step 1:
If your hair is dark, bleaching should be done first. You will get hair color at this point. For your hair, you will be charged an additional fee. Please note that the hair removal process will break the structure of your hair and you will wear it. Until bleaching has the colors Continued bleaching of the hair will be completed when the desired clearance is reached.

Step 2:
In the second stage, the bleached image that the bleach emerges from is removed from the center. The purple toner is used for this. Thus, when the color transitions and weariness are removed from the center of the hair, the hair is allowed to reach a better view.

Step 3:
At this stage your hair will appear purple with the effect of purple toner. This is one of the situations that will disappear after 30 minutes. After it is gone, the actual color of the hair starts to emerge.

Step 4:
You can see the gray platinum hair that you have dreamed for your hair in this stage. You can combine these hair with different colors and you can end the process with different colors.