We have dealt with the most up-to-date and suitable knitting hair models for you in this article.Here you can find the most suitable model according to your hair type and face shape.Using hair sprey and hair pimples, you can get knitted bun hair model.


You can look and beautiful by making your hair a knitted bun model.If you are short on your face, you can show long.We do not recommend braided knit hair to long-faced women.

Voluminous Teased Bun Hair

If your hair is thin and weak you can use the ball hair model.This model looks dull and dull, your hair will look more voluminous.Materials needed for the voluminous knit hair model;

– Fine Comb
– Hair Spray
– Hair Pin

Put a finger on your ear and draw a straight line from one ear to the other ear. Cut out the front. Take the rest of your hair and hold it in your head so that it will be a horse’s tail using a hair tress. Pull a horse-tail hair in one hand and a hair-tear along the other in your other hand. By leaving a few remaining parts of your hair out, you can get a larger, plump looking hair cycle.

In the second stage, hold the middle part of the great circle of our hair firmly with your fingers along the horse’s tail. Lean your hair tongue halfway, move it closer to the hairline, and bend your hair a few more times to the other side. At this stage, we do not neglect to keep the parts that you separate with the hairpin.

Pull the remaining parts in front of your hair and divide them in half. You divide each part once again into two halves, so that a total of four quarter halves will form. For a smoother look, scan your hair with a fine comb and fix it with the pin by wrapping it on the bottom of your ball and also on the top.

Once you have done the same for the lower parts, take a pinch of hair from the top and hook it around your head to the opposite side of the ball.

Do the same with the fourth final hold, take a pinch from the top with your fingers and fix it by tightening the hair spray.

Tip: You can use a two-way mirror to see what happens and do it correctly.