Are you ready for a diet that you should not diet to lose weight? Tea recipe prepared at home in a short time and showing immediate effect on regular use…

Slimming has become a popular situation with its positive health features recently, and everyone who is young, old, who has more or less weight wants to have a weaker and fit appearance than their existing weight. Therefore, many debilitating products or formulas appear. However, most people who want to lose weight can apply these recipes with the idea of ​​thinning without knowing whether these recipes are suitable for them. If you want to lose weight in this regard and if you prefer herbal ingredients products, this tea recipe is for you. With this recipe in a short time, both edema and fat loss by losing weight in a healthy way you can lose weight.

Slimming Tea Recipe Without Diet

New slimming tea is very easy to prepare. You can easily find the necessary ingredients for the preparation of this tea. To prepare this tea, green tea, cinnamon stick, cherry stalk, lemon and chlorine-free water is enough to use.

Boil 3 teaspoons of green tea, 15-20 pairs of cherry stalk and 2 cinnamon stick into a water. Then add the lemon slices into the boiled mixture and consume a few cups during the day. This tea will accelerate your metabolism and will also help you lose weight.

What are the benefits?

The ingredients of this tea are generally intended to increase water, ie edema, from the body. Since each material has different benefits, it is a complete healing store. Cherry stalk is a very good diuretic. Cinnamon stick balances blood sugar. Green tea, weight loss. Lemon is a very useful food and accelerates fat burning and gives energy to the body. When all these nutrients are combined, it is very effective in slimming.

How should slimming tea be consumed?

After preparing this tea, you can consume a few cups during the day, provided you do not overdo it. It is also recommended to consume as hot. Depending on your preference, you can drink this tea in a cold or warm way. Also, if you experience any abnormal condition while consuming this tea, always consult a doctor.