It is known that especially young women make many attempts to have a proper body. Regime, detox, pilates, fitness is often used to lose weight or stay fit. Is it possible to lose weight with alcohol? Who can do it?

However, another method that is frequently preferred by young people is a process of vomiting or skipping meals after eating or drinking instead of eating. Anorexia occurs when you see yourself as obese and do not consume any food for obsession with excessive weight loss.

When anorexia and excessive alcohol consumption combine, drankoreksiya, a new method of slimming, occurs. In the simplest terms, it can be described as drinking a high percentage of alcohol and not eating. Calories taken with alcohol are also excreted from the body with vomiting and active sports.

Slimming with Alcohol

Is it Slimming with alcohol?

Although the effect of alcohol alone is not enough, it is possible to stay weak with this method which is preferred by young people. Because enough food is not consumed and the calories taken by vomiting are lost immediately.

Apart from this, it is not possible to gain weight with the drankoreksiya current which enables the person to devote himself to an intensive sports program. This trend, which stands out especially among young people between the ages of 15-25 and women among 90%, is highly applied throughout the world.

Losses of Alcohol Slimming

In the long run, it will harm the person who tries to lose weight with alcohol. Because the body does not take vitamins, minerals and proteins through the basic nutrients it needs, it also absorbs the alcohol with high harm to the body.

The application of this method, which greatly reduces the quality of life, is not recommended by any specialist. It is inevitable that permanent vomiting will cause irreversible permanent damage.