It is a special form diet, which is used by world famous models to protect their forms, and lasts only one week and is a diet program that can be applied by those who want to have a model body.

With this list it is possible to lose weight up to 3 pounds a week. The main purpose of applying the diet list is 1400 calories per day to provide nutrition while maintaining fit status. Diet experts apply this diet in case of discomfort occurs immediately warned to stop the diet. 1400 calories per day is the trick. Thanks to this diet list, you will lose 3 pounds a week and maintain a fit body. Mannequin diet list application is very easy.


1 DAY:
Breakfast: A normal bowl of dried fruit particles next to a normal bowl of porridge and only half a glass of half skimmed milk.

Lunch: One normal bowl of lentil soup, one oat cake, green salad with plenty of lemon.

Dinner: A spicy, very low-fat and absolutely salt-free serving with vegetables and half a portion of bulgur pilaf.

Breakfast: Fresh fruits and green salad.

Lunch: A dish of very low-fat boiled vegetables. These vegetables can be used as desired.

Dinner: Red lentil dish without meat in one serving, one normal bowl of rice soup.

Breakfast: A normal bowl of porridge with honey.

Lunch: Vegetable meal with low fat and very light fried vitamins, half a bowl of yogurt.

Dinner: One serving of boiled vegetables, two medium-sized potatoes cooked in the oven without oil. Fruit as much as begged.

Breakfast: a slice of toast with two spoons of honey, jam.

Lunch: A bowl of lentil or vegetable soup preference.

Evening: Soy sauce should be added on boiled dry vegetables. It is preferably possible to prepare a different sauce without oil.

Breakfast: Two three slices of melon, molasses can be spread on it if desired.

Lunch: One serving of boiled corn salad according to your wish sauce, a bowl of any lean soup.

Dinner: One portion of stuffed dinner can be consumed with a few spoons of yogurt.

Breakfast: One fruit on request.

Lunch: A portion of pasta with tomato sauce.

Dinner: One serving of rice and a plate of vegetable kebab.

Breakfast: A bowl of oatmeal can be added honey and half a glass of low-fat milk.

Lunch: A bowl of vegetable soup, shepherd’s salad with boiled corn, a slice of bran bread.

Dinner: Pasta which is completely lean and unused sauce.

If the discomfort does not occur after a week, the list of models can be continued by returning to the first day, but the list warns experts not to continue for a long time. Those who want to get rid of their excess weight from this list, which allows three pounds to be lost in a week, can also benefit from those who want to stabilize their form.