It is one of the hair mask recipes that can be applied to ladies who do not prefer chemical applications such as Brazilian fuels.With this recipe, which is also called as hair straightening or hair straightening recipe, you can make your hair smoother even though it is not as much as Brazilian fancy. Of course it does not last as long as chemical processes There is no harm to your hair. For this reason, it is an easy hair care mask that can be done at home.

Hair Straightening with Milk Mask

Let’s sort our related materials. We need to prepare these materials before attempting to straighten them.

Half a cup of tea
An empty bottle. Spray nozzle.
Hair straighteners (not necessary)
Shampoo and hair cream (take care to be organic)
Wide range comb
Hair foam
Hair clip

First Stage:

Let’s transfer our half cup of tea to our inflated spray tip. At least twenty minutes before bathing, spray the hair on both the hair and scalp. Meanwhile, half a cup of tea is for normal hair length. If your hair is longer, there is no harm in increasing the amount of milk.

Second Stage:

We scan our hair, which we have made with a wide range of scarves and milk bags, and wait about ten minutes.

Third Stage:

First of all, after the water, shampoo and hair cream with the help of cleanse your hair. In short, let’s do what is necessary for a clean hair that is not related to milk.

Fourth Stage:

Let’s dry our hair with a soft towel and scan with our scalp again. Let’s wait for our hair to dry naturally and completely without using drying hair etc.

Fifth Stage:

Now that we have hair, divide your hair into pieces and straighten it with your hair straighteners. Keep working until you come to the desired level.


You can also add banana to the part of materials as you wish.
You can close your banana milk or just your breast milk with a half hour bite after your request.
You can muzu with a blender.
Depending on your type of hair described above, you may find it more beneficial to add a drop of natural oil or oil to your hair.
Using a hair straightener will make your hair smoother. You can also see that your hair is smoother without using a straightener.
If your hair is dry, you can use fatty milk.
The hair mask described above is useless for curly hair.