It is important that you know which face type is your face in order to find the right eyeglass.In order to find the right eyeglass, it is important that you know which face type is your face.Otherwise, the wrong idea can cause you to wear the wrong glasses. There is a different feature that distinguishes the face type from the other. Discovering the feature will be your greatest help in your choice of glasses.In particular, you should not forget that your face type is a big influence when making frame is necessary to determine the points to be considered when making the selection.

How should glasses be chosen according to face type?

When deciding on your face type, first collect your hair in the form of a horse tail. You should free your facial muscles as well as your hair picked up. Then, from the outside frame, you should point your face line to a point with a pencil you take from your hand. When you finish your dots, you should look at all the dots. The resulting figure; oval, heart, diamond, triangle, square or round. Then you need to find out which face line is suitable for which eyeglass model.

What is the appropriate eyeglass model for a round face?

The most suitable glasses for people with rounded facial shapes are rectangular molds. Rectangular and thick bone frames, known as rectangular, are considered to be the most suitable eyeglasses. Having a round face, wearing round glasses is the biggest mistake that can be made. For this reason, preferences should be made among the rectangular glasses as much as possible.It is possible to choose full frame or half frame. The important thing is that you can keep the right eyeglass in your mind. Long face show should be important for people with round faces. Rectangular glasses are very important for this reason. If your face is both small and round, you should take care that your choice is on the side of rectangular glasses without framing.

What is the appropriate eyeglass model for oval face?

Those who have an oval face model are the luckiest people in the selection of glasses. Almost every glasses they can choose will be very good. It is important that you stay away from rectangular glasses to avoid making the wrong choice in this process.If you have an oval face, you should opt for the round-framed glasses you need to do. Opposite (wide) or full round glasses are the ideal glasses for you. Besides, you can decide the frame color you want depending on your skin and hair color.

What is the appropriate eyeglass model for square face?

Face lines of people with a square face type are quite apparent. Hundreds of eyes with both lengths and widths are looking for a detailed study of the glasses.If you have a square face, first of all, you should opt for glasses that will soften your facial contours. For this, oval eyeglasses will be the most ideal eyeglasses. However, the upper frame may also be suitable for you with glasses that do not have a full frame, so that the bone lines in the jaw area can be made fainter.

What is the appropriate glasses model for a rectangular face?

If your face is narrowest but the length is long, it means you have a rectangular face model. The most ideal glasses models for rectangular faces are full oval glasses. In this way, a selection will be made that shows the face a little higher, which shows a smaller face.Particularly thick-framed round glasses will help you look smaller than your face.

What is the Right Eyeglass Model for the Heart Face?

Many people make glasses choices wrong without knowing that your face is heart-shaped. People with heart-shaped facial features are those with cheekbones and jawbone dislocations. When the forehead remains a little more inside, the chin tilts from below, the cheekbones protrude to the right and to the left. If you draw this kind of shape when you draw your face, it means that it takes the shape of your heart.If you have a heart-shaped face, you should take care to choose the thin-frame glasses that you need to make. Since your facial features already have a distinct appearance, a thick framed eyeglass will reveal the face clearly. For this reason, the oversized, thin-framed glasses will be the ideal glasses for you.

What is the appropriate eyeglass model for a triangular face?

When we draw the shape of our present, a triangle emerges, and in this case the glasses that are suitable for you are rectangular shaped glasses.These glasses, which will be more balanced on the right and left side of your face, give a very stylish appearance. However, you can also choose glasses that are sagging downwards. The inclined glasses help the triangular faces look more rounded.