Party nails: 4 red manicure suggestions for Christmas

When it comes to Christmas, the first color that comes to mind is red. There is no other color that makes us feel as good as Christmas color. We’re already ready to turn red on New Year’s Eve!

To adapt your nails to the new year, all you have to do is choose your favorite shade of red and follow our guide!

4 different manicure with 4 shades of red
– Classic red:

The most flamboyant shade of red. Classics never make a mistake in your style. Those who want to get eye-catching nails without risk can turn to this tone.

– Raspberry:

Closer to pink, a sweeter tone. Moreover, this intense color will undoubtedly be a great match with the black dress you will wear that night.

– Light bright red:

Clear shiny and even slightly orange, this tone is quite fashionable this season. This manicure is not only fun, but also a great duo with fuchsia lipstick.

– Pink – red gradient:

An original nail art could be a key part of that night’s manicure. Just find the colors to adapt to your style, then copy the look in the photo.

4 steps for the application:

1. Wash your hands, moisten and soften the cuticles.

2. Apply a two-layer protective base coat to prevent nails from becoming discolored. Wait for 5 minutes to dry.

3. Apply two coats of your choice and wait 10 minutes between each coat.

4. Finally apply a top coat to make the cuticle more permanent.

It’s that easy to bring the Christmas spirit to the nails!