Most of us focus on makeup lips.Even if we prefer eyeliner or a different makeup in eye makeup, when it comes to lips, there are small tricks that we use to make them look a little plump.Some of these tricks that we do to clarify lips from time to time, even though they are in the decision, reveal itself very clearly.How can we achieve lips that look fuller in the most natural way, only with makeup? We put together all the clues we know.Are you ready to learn?

Importance of lip pencil

Lip pen is very important to make the lips look fuller than they are.You can start by framing your lips with a lip liner of the same color as your lipstick.The important thing is to be careful not to be too far from the outside, otherwise it will not be natural and it will be very obvious.We recommend that you choose a soft lip liner that is easy to apply.So you can stop your lips from showing lines.

Tip: instead of just framing and leaving your lips, you can think of your lip pencil as a little more lipstick and paint it in.That way, you get a much more natural transition to your lipstick.

Little line cheats

If you think that your lips are not sufficiently framed from the outside, you can add lines to the middle of your lips with your lip pencil.With this gesture, you’il be bringing the middle part of your lips to the fore.The contour techniques we apply to our faces also apply to the lip. The frame is revealed and with these fine lines it will make your lips look fuller than they are.We’re done with the lip pen, and now it’s lipstick. You can apply your lipstick as usual.If you want a fuller look, you can apply a lighter lipstick or lip gloss to the middle part of your lips.

A little trick with illuminator and concealer

With a thin-tip brush, you can go around the lip frame and light this area a little more.So you’ll be perfect with your lipstick, and you’ll be able to make it look fuller by illuminating those areas a little bit.In the same way, you can raise the upper lip by applying a light illuminator to the upper lip, so that the upper lip looks more up.

Editor’s suggestion: if you want to do all these steps with a single product, we have a great suggestion: in Maybelline New York Color Drama lip Contour Palette, both moisturizing balm and complementary lipsticks for framing.You can also make your lips look fuller with natural and creamy lightening.If you’re looking for a practical product to put in your makeup bag, you should try it!

While many things are possible with small makeup tricks, the main point is to make everything in your decision.Exaggerated movements for fuller looks can remove makeup from nature and cause unwanted images.If you want natural lips, don’t forget to listen to our suggestions!