Hello, dear ladies. We ladies of course, after the beauty of our face, we attach the utmost importance to the beauty of our hands. There are also two basic elements in the care of our hands. Nail care and nail polish selections. In order to have beautiful and well-groomed hands, the fall season is autumn, and in the winter we started to live, there are certain nail polish colors. There are many attractive color selections.

There are natural nail polishes with a natural appearance. They are the colors I can call skin color, very light brown, pale gray.

Matte nail polishes, which are indispensable in 2nd year, have become the unchanging trend of recent years and have added a completely different texture to the natural structure of the nails. It adds elegance to the elegance of your clothing and makes your hands look more groomed and elegant.

In 3rd place, there is a kind of nail polish that you will be surprised when you see his name. You can have the nails we call ombre nails, which are obtained with multiple nails. You can give your fingernails a change in your hair with appropriate nail polish hues. Except for this order of course, the special nail polish trend for cold days is definitely dark nail polishes. Dark colors were at the forefront during the autumn winter nail polish season. This is the same year. And today there is a very different art of nail decoration art. Sometimes I see nails that canvases, walls are not so patterned and colorful. Various symbols and drawings on the nails add a different air to the nails. I recommend that you keep the color in the decorations that you will make during the winter months. You should prefer black and white harmony. When you first apply the background with the white nail polish, apply it with stripes on it with black lines. Your hands will attract a lot of attention in your stylish dressed invitations. Start with dazzling hands.