Shaping a resemblance between the set of all animals and the human frame, hungarian craftsman vegetation borsi has shaped the arrangement ‘animeyed’, which makes inquisitive half and half creatures from two unique species. the gathering of self-pictures sees borsi arranged one next to the other six separate animals: a feline, dove, blowfish, goldfish, snake and bunny. for every piece, borsi matches her hairdo, cosmetics, and eye shading to coordinate the qualities of every creature, kicking the bucket her hair orange to mirror the tone of a goldfish and painting her face snow white to coordinate the surface of a pigeon. as the craftsman gazes at the camera confronting frontwards, one of the creatures covers some portion of her face, coordinating their own particular eye above where hers eventual uncovered.The impact frames half breed elements that play with the impression of the watcher and shrewdly show the physical likenesses between the human and creature highlights.